Monogramica Script

November 2021

This is the very first font I have ever created: Monogramica Script – a unique ligature & display typeface.

The project evolved from my countless wedding monogram templates that I created back in 2020. The font file contains 676 premade uppercase monograms from AA to ZZ which are easily accessible through automatic ligatures. Just type B + C and the intertwined monogram BC appears. On the basis of those letterings I developed common uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation and other special characters. Moreover, it also features 135 decorative frames. So this font is like a versatile logo creator kit for any sophisticated or luxury business like e.g. fashion, jewelry, art ateliers, handicraft studios, wine & spirits, hotels & resorts or fine restaurants & bars.

The style of Monogramica is based on classic calligraphy type, and yet a bit softer & more modern because of its rounded line tops. It can be perfectly used for posters, small amount of body copy (e.g. quotes) or logo design.


- 676 monograms from AA-ZZ (= all 2-letter combinations of the latin alphabet)
- Easy access via automatic ligatures
- 135 decorative frames – accessible in the glyphs window (e.g. in Photoshop, Illustrator)
- Create logos & wordmarks within seconds
- 676 monograms + 135 frames = 91,260 possible logo variations
- Ideal for use in large text like headlines & posters
- Also suitable for short body copy, e.g. quotes
- 1060 glyphs & 67 languages supported (Adobe Latin-1)

Grab it here in my Creative Market Shop (Monogram World)

The challenges:
I created this font for my side business "Monogram World", which is an online shop for digital monogram templates. I made a big step into the world of type design and therefore had to learn (myself) a lot new things about typography and creation tools. Lots of research, testing, trials and errors – especially the kerning and spacing have been really time consuming. But the final product is working super good and I'm really proud of it.

After countless hours of letter creation (Adobe Latin 1 has got 229 characters) and font development there was still one really important step left: The packaging! As it's a digital product, the screenshot pictures and mockups as well as a great description text have to convey all the features and the beauty in order to convince the potential customers. And last but not least I tried to make it all SEO-friendly so that many people can find my typeface.

See it in action!

Time needed:
500 hours

Used means:
Pen & Paper, Illustrator, Birdfont






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