Smart Packaging App

April 2018

The CTI GROUP is a global labeling and packaging printing specialist with 6 companies worldwide.

The increasing digitalisation has also reached the prining industry and therefore the CTI GROUP has developed an iPhone/Android app which expands the functionality of common product packaging: barcode scanning, augmented reality, promotions and a lot more is included.

I had the honor to develop the heart of the app – the app icon – as well as the user interface / user experience design.

The app icon is an easy to read and mostly self-explanatory symbol, which clearly shows the difference between the two worlds: the reality outside and the smartphone screen, which is the place, where the magic happens ✨

The app interface is simple, clean and minimalistic. The slightly abstract background should remind of a shopping scenery in order to strengthen the connection to the point of sale. The custom icon set and a minimum of clicks should ensure intuitive usability.

The challenges:
As this was my first time to design the interface of a native mobile app, I had to do some research in order to analyze the competitor products as well as apps in general. The next step was to define the navigation, all screens of the required features and how the user can reach everything. After that I created icons and and visuals, always with the current identity of the CTI GROUP in mind. And finally I had to communicate a lot with the developer – we had certain versions & revisions until the app was presented at the Fachpack in Nürnberg / Germany (it was available for iOS and Android).

Time needed:
40 hours

Used means:
Illustrator, Photoshop






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