Monogram Florian & Daniela

March 2017

Custom type is difficult, but a custom monogram is even more challenging. This project demanded everything from me – and even more – in order to get this done exactly as I have imagined it all the time: Traditional, stylish, classy, refined, sophisticated and yet simple and compact as a whole – and of course 100% handmade. In short: It just had to be more than perfect. 

It was a long way from the first sketches to the final product, but after one and a half years I finally held a unique necklace in my hands. Two intertwined letters, precisely engraved into a silver pendant – ready to give it away to my beloved in a very special lifetime event: our engagement.

Ladies and gentlemen: This is my typographic masterpiece.

Monogram Silver Hotfoil on Black
Base sketch






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