sigmavista website v3

February 2017

sigmavista has grown up! The third edition of the website now features more contrast (in shapes and colors), well thought-out content and a brand new picture world. Animations, illustrations and infographics, subtle typography as well as a newly built product family including icons ensure the necessary fine-tuning. The result: a more than contemporary web appearance, which finally lifts this modern IT company to the next level. And the future looks good, for the entire print identity will be following in the course of 2017. More to come!

Project scope:
- Screen and interface design
- Graphics, illustrations and animations
- Product icons
- Front-end development
- Content design

Concept and texting: Dr. Dalibor Truhlar

Time needed:
235 hours

Used means:
Pen & paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver






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