Website Georgi Schlössl

May 2014

The "Georgi Schlössl" is a privately owned castle in South Styria which can be rented for marriages, workshops or just for taking a break in a beautiful atmosphere surrounded by a picturesque scenery.

The general structure of the new website is modern and simple, but still has got a classy and traditional touch. The precious chambers, splendid halls, beautiful terraces as well as lots of lovely details are presented by plenty of images. Selected typography, tiny design elements and a suitable colour palette are completing the look.

Project scope:
- Screendesign
- Front-end development
- Content design

Time needed:
30 hours

Used means:
Photoshop, Dreamweaver

Georgi Schlössl screendesign on different devices
Georgi Schlössl website - home
Georgi Schlössl website - subpage






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