Website sigmavista

August 2014

For the upstriving it company "sigmavista" I had to gather all of my skills to get this project done and bring it to perfection.

The result is a clearly structured, modern and clean website with a bright and friendly appearance. The special focus of the concept is on big pictures and refined typography. Moreover the site is fully responsive and highly optimized for mobile devices concerning usability, appearance and performance.

The image-concept and the slogans deal with the theme of "seeing" in the widest sense. The idea is based upon the company's name, which can be interpreted as "the sum (sigma) of all views (vista)".

See it in action:

Project scope: colour palette, screen and interface design, typography, visual language, concept (wording & images), the whole responsive front-end development and the final design of all the content.

Time needed:
240 hours

Used means:
Pen & paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver

sigmavista screendesign on different devices
subpage: data center
subpage: about us
subpage: references, including an interactive javascript map
sigmavista website - title images with slogans






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