Photobomb Masters

September 2010

Why should you spoil the picture of someone else with grimaces? You won't see the picture anyway! But what if you had at least a chance to see your masterpiece some time in the future – simply by placing a small sheet in the frame while performing indecent things?

This project should encourage people to do photobombing as often as they can. Therefore I created a logo, the "photobomb sheet" as well as the prototype of the website. The identity design is playful and has got a high contrast as well as bright color accents.

Due to lack of time this crazy side project has never been finished.

Website prototype:

Time needed:
40 hours

Used means:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver

The logo in the official color variants
Screendesign Photobomb Masters
The so called "Photobomb Sheet"






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