Poster of wine flavours

January 2012

Wine is much more than just red, white and rosè! Therefore the wine estate "Georgiberg" from South Styria wanted to give a little insight into the complex world of wine flavors. Based on the current visual identity I created a poster with 54 different fruits, herbs, vegetables and other tastes – each of them lying in it's own illustrated wine glass. All those glasses are ranged in a very high portrait format so that the rolled up poster can be easily put around a wine bottle in a shipping carton box.

Used means:
Photoshop CS4, Indesign CS4, stock photos

The final poster for Weingut Georgiberg
All used images
Illustration wine glass
Screenshot of Photoshop with a layer counting script
Honey in the glass
Smoke in the glass (Photoshop brush)
Cassis in the glass (detail)






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bruno   30 November 2017, 5:59 pm

perfect idea