Design is passion

Being a good designer takes a lot more than just knowing how to use some tools. You need to be creative and find a solution for a given problem. Your final design must have a concept in the back, otherwise it's just decoration. Moreover you have to be curious and eager to learn. New technologies and trends spread so fast these days and therefore you have to be versatile and always open-minded. You should go through the world with eyes open for inspiration and continuously perceive and analyze. Furthermore as a good designer you have to dive deeply into your projects and be patient and persistent to achieve the best results. Additionally you need to be a skilled communicator in order to understand your customers' needs, exchange ideas with your colleagues and to be able to present your well prepared drafts in a self-confident manner. And last but not least you should be passionate and never forget that awesome feeling when you finish some great project. It's much more satisfying than checking Facebook for the 100th time a day or watching senseless crap on TV.