Design creates value

In 2007 the first significant smartphone was revealed. I guess, there was barely anyone who missed the following hype about products, packaging, user interfaces and apps. Since then probably everyone should be aware that design has some kind of effect. On the other hand, creatives are earning less money. On the Internet you can get professional corporate designs including all usage rights for just a few euros. Has the appreciation been lost over the last decade? Hardly likely. However, the term "design" today has to be seen much different: Formerly it meant to be the mere beautification of things – nowadays, creatives are problem solvers of complex tasks and develop strategies, processes, user experiences, products and services.
New studies have already shown that design driven companies are outstandingly more successful than their competitors (The Business Value of Design, McKinsey, 2018). In such companies, design has a very high priority, is included in most of the business processes and also settled high in the hierarchy. Furthermore, the success of individual activities can be measured better than in the past because of digital marketing tools. So there are a lot of proofs in numbers for my personal conviction: Those who recognize the high value of design and use the know-how of modern creatives wisely, will achieve long-term success. We do not just design logos and good looking things – we create social and economic value!